High Perfomance Temporary Covers

Symmloc Fasteners are the Future of constructing temporary covers, whether it is used to provide a simple cover over a surface, a freestanding cover, or a combination of both. You now have a fastener that can do more with less; it can hold 10 times more when using 10 mil plastic, it can accomplish it with 60% fewer units, and 1% of the weight when compared to sandbags. Symmloc fasteners can hold 125 pounds of force using 10 mil plastic sheeting, that is 10 times more than what one 35 lb sandbag can hold, and one Symmloc Fastener only weighs 7.5 oz, that’s 1% of the weight of one sandbag. Symmloc's Fastener performance increases with stronger, longer life materials, (such as skrim and geotextiles), unlike sandbags.          Click here for a full description of it's uses.

Performance --  Symmloc Fasteners can hold 10 mil plastic sheets 10 times better than sandbags.

Strength -- Symmloc Fasteners have held loads of 990 lbs using woven geo-textiles.
Weight -- Symmloc Fasteners weigh 7.5 oz. making them approximately 1% of the required installed weight when using sandbags.
Quantity -- Because Symmloc Fasteners outperform sandbags you will use less of them. You will only need about 32% as many Symmloc Fasteners compared to sandbags.
Maintenance -- When you use Symmloc Fasteners instead of sandbags maintenance will be a thing of the past when installed properly. (see wind performance)
Protection -- Stockpiles, slopes, and materials covered using Symmloc Fasteners will stay covered, keeping your material dry in the winter, and can also help keep moisture in your material during the summer.
Labor -- The labor required to install Symmloc Fasteners will be less because they only take about 30 seconds to put together and you will use fewer of them compared to sandbags.
Safety -- Symmloc Fasteners are smaller and lighter than sandbags, this makes them safer and easier to install, especially on uneven, or steep difficult terrain.
Reuse -- Symmloc Fasteners are built for rugged conditions so you can use them over and over again.
Transporting and Storage -- 10 boxes that contain 40 fasteners can easily fit in a pickup truck, those 400 fasteners only weigh 188 pounds. Because they are light weight and compact this makes them easier to transport and store. Compare that to 400 sandbags, but you would also need a total of 1,262 sandbags to do what 400 Symmloc Fasteners can do, that's 44,170 pounds.

Cost -- Fewer units, lighter weight, superior performance, and greater reuse means you will save more on your bottom line. Contact us for Dealers and Prices. Discounts for large orders. Click here