Pad Protection

Symmloc Pad Protection. This Engineered Pad was constructed and signed off by the Geo-technical Engineer but need to be protected during the winter while design changes were made to the foundation, despite heavy rains and high winds the Symmloc Fasteners were able to hold the cheap plastic visqueen Temporary Cover in place for several months. Once the changes were approved the Temporary Cover was quickly removed and the Engineered Pad was ready for construction without any additional cost resulting from saturation of the subgrade. The Symmloc Fastener is also reusable and easily stored for future use.

"The Symmloc Fastener held the visqueen tight and secure through rain and 30 mph winds. We were extremely pleased with the performance of the Symmloc fastener and would recommend them to anyone for a similar application." - Charlie Menghetti President of Menghetti Construction This is a link to the letter from the projects' Contractor.

This installation was effective in the following weather conditions;

Wind Speed 30 mph (SSE), Max Gust Speed 40 mph  Events Rain.

Conclusion: Protected the Engineered Pad from Expensive Delays or Repairs to the Owner or Contractor. This was a cheap insurance to keep the project on schedule.

Detail for Pad use Standard Detail Drawings