Conservation of Resources

This is an example of how using Symmloc Fasteners will conserve you project resources.

99% Savings in weight Transportation - 94% Savings in Fuel Cost - and they are Reusable

Using fasteners instead of sandbags or other weights will save you drastically on your cost of moving all of that weight, add to this the fact that the method of fastening the cover out performs the holding ability of a sandbag, when you consider that a 40 lb. sandbag can only hold 16 lb. Now you can transport everything you need for your temporary cover using a pickup and getting around the the stockpile or slope will be easy because you can carry many more units compared to sandbags plus you don't need as many to do the job.

Now a pickup can do what a large truck and trailer did before and you can also eliminate the tractor onsite that was needed to move all of those bags. If it's a area that is difficult to get to, that won't be a problem using Symmloc Fasteners.

This Pickup contains (400) Symmloc Fasteners that weigh 200 pounds and replace sandbags 3 to 1.

Conclusion: Significant savings in Quantity, Weight, Labor, Equipment, Fuel and Storage Requirements. Better Performance and Reuse.

Note: Quantities are based on the CalTrans Temporary Cover, Symmloc Detail Drawings, the 2012 Chevy Silverado 1/2 Pickup EPA MPG, the Peterbuilt Aero White Paper, and the EPA "Saving Money at the Pump" article