Pervious Concrete Curing

This is how SYMMLOC Fasteners are being used as a tool for effectively curing Pervious Concrete by a leading Pervious Concrete installer.

Pervious Concrete, Inc. specializes exclusively in pervious concrete. This is a special type of concrete that water runs through. Pervious concrete is primarily used to help control storm water runoff from hardscape surfaces such as parking lots, streets and driveways. You can see a video demonstration at

Project owners, developers and builders are able to meet or exceed requirements for onsite retention of stormwater by using pervious concrete for parking lots, streets, driveways, and sidewalks. Stormwater on the site flows down through the pervious concrete. The water accumulates in the voids in the aggregate sub-bas until it passes into the soil below and back into the aquifers below.

Use of pervious concrete enables projects to avoid having to allocate substantial amount of project land for stormwater retention ponds while still complying with permitting requirements.

The good news is that use of this exciting new “Green” product has been expanding rapidly both in the United States and abroad. The challenging news is that pervious concrete is much more difficult to install successfully. One of the reasons for the difficulty of installation is the fact that the concrete is very dry (just barely enough water in the mix to complete the hydration process).

Therefore, once pervious concrete is poured, it must be immediately covered with visqueen to trap the water in the concrete (to enable the hydration process) before it evaporates.

What makes SYMMLOC Fasteners better over other methods?

Right here is where the SYMMLOC fasteners come into play. Prior to SYMMLOC, we frequently utilized 18” X 8’ X ½” OSB boards which we place flat on the Visqueen to hold it in place on the freshly poured concrete. These boards are heavy, must be transported to and from the jobsite, deployed on the jobsite to the pour location(s), and then placed on the Visqueen covering the concrete. In addition, we were never able to stretch the visqueen tightly enough to remove the wrinkles which ultimately created what we call “tiger stripes” of discoloration in the surface of the concrete.

We are excited about the newly available SYMMLOC fasteners because, the purchase, hauling to and from, onsite deployment, and placement of the OSB boards are substantially reduced. Further, they enable the stretching of the Visqueen which can substantially reduce or eliminate wrinkles and the resulting “tiger stripes” of discoloration in the finished product.

SYMMLOC shares many things in common with other great inventions. It is simple and few moving parts yet are very effective at the task it accomplishes. It is nearly indestructible, reliable and easy to use. It is inexpensive and replaces a more expensive alternative. Link to Letter

Michael Bledsoe, President

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