Reduced Maitenance

Reducing Time Spent on Maintaining Piles. The two pictures below are of piles that were covered with plastic and sandbags. As you can see both pile have suffered sever damage from the wind.

Below is another pile that was covered using geotextile material. Here also you can see the sever damage that has occured. The geotextile is much stronger than plastic but the failure is because the sandbags are not effective at holding the material down.

The pile shown in the picture below was covered with plastic and Symmloc Fasteners. This pile was located at the same site as the top two pictures and was taken 3 months after installation. It was located at the Port of Richmond, CA, an area with windy conditions.

As you can see it required far fewer Symmloc Fasteners than Sandbags and only about 1% of the weight.