Safer Installations

Why Symmloc is easier and safer to install. Symmloc fasteners are easier to install because they only weigh 7.5 ounces each, you also won't need to install as many. If you are installing them in a difficult location, you will only need to lift about 1% of the weight needed for sandbags. Since the weight is so much less compared to sandbags, you will eliminate the equipment needed to move thousands of pounds of sandbags or used tires around your project or from jobsite to jobsite.

Lighter than Sandbags The (3) boxes in the picture above combined only weigh 60 pounds and will replace more than 160 sandbags that would weigh 5,600 pounds. When you use the Symmloc Fastener 60 pounds will out perform the 5,600 pounds hands down. This will reduce back breaking labor and equipment and fuel cost required to move thousands of pounds.

The installer shown above is carrying a box of 40 Symmloc Fasteners that weigh 20 pounds and would replace 100 sandbags, this makes them easier to install, especially in difficult locations.