SWPPP Uses for Symmloc

SWPPP Uses For SYMMLOC When you start using Symmloc Fasteners to secure your covers, you will soon find out that once its installed you can forget about it. Best of all it can be easily modified to cover smaller or larger areas, and when you're finished it can be easily stored for future use.

  • Reusable. Symmloc Fasteners are reusable, small and easy to transport and store.
  • Light weight. 1 (40 pound) sandbag weighs as much as 80 Symmloc Fasteners.
  • Symmloc Fasteners eliminate the cost of transporting and disposing of sand.
  • The more you use them the more you save, they eliminate the cost of buying sand and sandbags over and over again.
  • Time savings, means you can install them and remove them quicker than you can with heavy bags, especially on large covers and steep difficult slopes.
  • Works better on steep or vertical slopes, unlike sandbags.
  • Safer, because you don't have to carry heavy weight on uneven, steep and slippery surfaces. They are also safer on steep slopes, because you wont have lines of sandbags connected with ropes that can slide down on people or property, that weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds.

The three boxes shown in the picture above contain (120) Symmloc fasteners that weigh 60 pounds, compare that to the sandbags that are also shown weighing in excess of 4,000 pounds, yet are less effective and more expensive to move. The Symmloc Fastener is also reusable.

This picture gives some perspective to the few units used when compared to sandbags

Large slope protection using Symmloc Fasteners to construct Level 3 Seam construction to keep the wind out, without heavy sandbags.

Conclusion: Save on cost because fewer units are required and they are reusable. Reduce maintenance by improved performance. Safer to install because the weight required is 99% less when compared to sandbags.