Temporary Material Covers

Temporary Material Covers. The Symmloc Fastener when used with plastic film, tarps, geotextiles, or similar materials, can provide you with a quick and effective way of securing your cover against the weather. Since they are small and light they can be carried easily, so they are there when you need them. They will also give you the ability to construct what you need at a moments notice.

The Cover below was built using Symmloc Fasteners, 10 mil plastic, and has a hollow core. It has been in place for 250 + days since January 10, 2011 and has remained intact and without damage through numerous windy days, including 44 MPH winds with 55 MPH gust on 3-19-2011. This fastener is capable of holding 124 pounds using (1) layer of 10 mil plastic (as shown in the picture above) but has been tested to hold loads up to 990.6 pounds using other materials.

(see this link for test data) (link to testing video) (link for flash videos) .

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Temporary Work Covers. Temporary work covers can be installed on your job site. Its design will allow you to construct them in any configuration that you need.

Typical uses for it would be when you want a cover to provide rain, snow, or sun protection for a work area or materials, paint or coating protection, concrete that is still being finished and threatened by rain, when a building or roof is opened and needs to be protected from rain, or just the outside elements. Because of the way it is designed you can build your cover to any size or shape.

The picture below shows some of the ways they can be used to cover material that needs to be protected against the elements.

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The CoverĀ above was built the new way using 4 Symmloc fasteners.

de an acceptable cover for materials such as pressure treated wood. If the fasteners are placed as shown below at the bottom of the material it will provide a quick way of opening the cover to gain access and an easy way of reconnecting the cover when finished.

The video below demonstrates a 50' x 40 temporary cover that was constructed using the Symmloc Fastener and black plastic film.

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