Wind Performance

Symmloc's ability to hold in windy conditions. This video is to demonstrate the high performance of the Symmloc Fastener in windy conditions on a large covered stockpile.

Weather results provided by Weather Underground Weather Almanac, Location and Date Stockton Metro (KSCK) March 31, 2012

Wind Speed 33 mph

Max Gust Speed 41 mph  Raw Video

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"The stockpile has made it trough a winter with torrential downpours and wind gust in excess of forty miles an hour..." link to Testimonials

Conclusion: Significantly better performance in windy conditions, compared to sandbags. Protecting the material from becoming to wet and preventing the cost of drying it out. (In the summer it can also reduce moisture loss and required amount of water to get the material back to optimum)

Stockpile Performance

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See our test results for specific performance information with various types of materials.

Fastener demonstration using 10 mil Visqueen

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The video above demonstrates a 4' x 8' sheet of 10 mil plastic using (4) Symmloc Fasteners, in 70+ MPH winds and remember this fastener can be installed in less than (1) minute with a pocketknife.

This cover remained fastened for over 1,500 miles.

This Cover remained in place during the a 33 MPH wind speed event east of Stockton Airport using 10 mil plastic visqueen, Symmloc Fasteners and Level 3 Seam Construction, without Sandbags.