Gravel Bag Alternative

ARCADIS U.S. used Symmloc on this project to drastically reduce their cost to maintain their Temporary Covers for Stockpile Management without using heavy sandbags or gravel bags, while also greatly improving the performance of keeping the covers in place before and during storms. Traditional methods of keeping temporary covers in place tend to fail when they are needed most, right before or during a rain event due to the winds and the fact that a sand or gravel bags can only hold approximately 16 pounds despite weighing 40 pounds. This can cause expensive damage to a sites BMP compliance and or saturate you material adding more cost and time to a project and erosion concerns. Symmloc only requires you to use a fraction of the weight required by sandbags of gravel bags, and you use less units and they can be used over and over, and transportation is easy, you can also add the benefit of having dry material during wet weather periods. See what ARCADIS U.S., Inc had to say.

These Temporary Covers originally were secured with Sandbags and Ropes that required constant maintenance, in addition to a great deal of labor required to install these sandbags on steep slopes over piles 20' to 30' high.

Arcadis Infrastructure started using Symmloc Fasteners on this project to hold their temporary covers in place, this has reduced or eliminated the maintenance on their stockpiles and has made it easier for the construction crews to install, for two reasons;

1. The covers can be built on a flat surface on the ground, then drug over the pile with a excavator or other type of equipment using the fastener, once this is done the cover can be secured at the base.

2. 98% of the weight associated with sand or gravel bags has been eliminated, that also eliminates potential job related work injuries, such as back and leg injuries.

Another advantage is if you want to access your material, you can quickly take apart a seam or edge an move it out of the way without needing to move many heavy bags, then the cover can be easily modified and put back in place when the access to the material has been completed.

Symmloc Fasteners performance will help to keep your covers in place, eliminating dust problems and keeping your material dry in the winter and preventing delays from saturated material and its runoff.