Stockpile Covers

Wadham Energy's 8 Acre 60 foot high Stockpile Covers

Stockpile Cover

This stockpile cover is currently being used st the Wadham Energy Site. It provides an effective way to cover large stockpiles in windy areas. This Stockpile covers a 8 acre site and is approximately 60 feet high. The cover has greatly reduced maintenance cost while greatly improving the performance and integrity of the cover. This has also removed the need for the placement off thousands of sandbags that needed to be placed over the top of the pile and connected to miles of ropes. This method reduces the the previous need of placing thousands of pounds of weight up steep slopes and reducing the backbreaking labor needed in the past.

Stockpile Cover 02

Temporary Stockpile Covers that stay covered while using far fewer units compared to sandbags

New Raw Video 33 MPH Wind 44 MPH Gust. Level 3 Seam Construction Details

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The Video above is a Temporary Stockpile Cover for Granite Construction Click here for details

Uses far less units compared to sandbags saving money

Performance Above you can see how the Symmloc Fastener (on the left) provides a new way of covering stockpiles, with fewer, reusable units, compared to the stockpile (on the right) using the traditional sandbag method.

New Video for a 300' x 180' x 35'+ high Recycled Base Stockpile Performance shown above

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(above) Base Rock Stockpile Cover using 10 mil Visqueen and Symmloc Fasteners with LEVEL 3 Seam Construction. This Cover is approximately 57,000 SF in a windy open field in the Central Valley of California on a Granite Construction Project. See this testimonial to see how this Temporary Cover worked for them.

(above) This is one of several large stockpile covers using Symmloc Fasteners to maintain containment of soil on a remediation site by ARCADIS-US Infrastructure. See this testimonial to find out how this method immediately began cost savings and less time dealing with cover failures.

(above) Hwy project in Ontario Canada

Less is More Larger covers that are superior in windy conditions, compared sandbags, using 60% fewer fasteners and 1% of the weight.

Safer Because Symmloc Fasteners weigh less than 1/2 a pound and you use fewer of them, this makes them easier to install, especially on steep or difficult areas and also reduce work related injuries related to carrying heavy bags on uneven surfaces.

Efficient Fewer units plus less weight, means you will accomplish more with less. You can move them around with pickups and by hand due to their light weight, so you won't need trucks, tractors and back breaking labor to secure your covers.

Transportation This Pickup contains 400 Symmloc Fasteners that only weigh 200 pounds, they can replace 1,200 sandbags weighing 42,000 pounds. This is why they are easy to transport, deploy, install and they are reusable.