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I wanted to let you know what our Firm thinks of your Symmloc product.
Before you dropped in with the Symmloc product I had spent 450% over budget for Stockpile Management, we used 10ML poly with sandbags, ropes, we even sewed the seams by using rope rolled up at the seam using zip ties at 1 foot intervals, and then rope to sandbags over the top of the poly, this did not work and I continued to spend a budget I did not have.

Since we started using the Symmloc I have used approx. 10% of my original budget in the same period of time, this product will save our Firm hundreds of thousands over the next five years.

It was just luck that you spotted our project from the freeway and we are delighted you made the effort to find us and pursue pitching this product. Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Link to Letter


Mitchell Kawcak | Senior Construction Manager | ARCADIS U.S., Inc. | Seven Fields, PA

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Granite Construction company was fortunate to have been selected as one of the design/build  contractors for the construction of the California Health Care Facility in Stockton CA. One item of work included  demo of the existing facility which included concrete slabs , foundations , sidewalks and curbs. This  was crushed into 40,000 tons of aggregate base for later use. The new strict California S.W.P.P. regulations required us  to cover and maintain the stockpile for two summers and  one winter. We chose the method of covering the stockpile with  visqueen and securing it with sand bags and rope. The sand bags deteriorated so badly they did not last  through the first summer. We then discovered Symmloc . Jeff and his expert staff came to the job site and helped us through the very easy installation process. This process  took  about half the time  the old fashion method did. The stockpile has made it through a winter with torrential downpours and wind gusts in excess of forty miles an hour and we are into the second summer  which has  had heat over 100 degrees and we have not had one failure.  The only regret  we have is that we wish we would have found SymmLoc sooner, and used them from the start of the project as  it would have saved us a lot of time and money.


Steve Moore

Project Superintendent
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After trying Symmloc Fasteners on our stockpiles I noticed a big reduction in maintenance. We had to maintain our larger stockpiles almost daily because the wind was blowing the cover apart at the seams; that's no longer an issue. In addition to saving time maintaining the cover, we are saving money! The Symmloc Fasteners are also durable, so we'll be able to reuse them on future projects.

Kai Josephson
Project Engineer
O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc
1520 Fourth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710


I would like to take this time to thank you for the Symmloc Fasteners and give you some feedback. In comparison to the traditional sandbags what most impresses me about Symmloc is that they are much lighter then sandbags, easier to store, and of course reusable. Some of the other advantages we noticed with Symmloc is when placing them we eliminated the use for a piece of equipment when using sandbags, normally we would use an Extended boom forklift to raise material to the top of the stockpile for disbursement as a result we saved time and money. In another situation I had a 60,000 square foot sloped hill on site that was becoming saturated with the heavy rain we got in December, I needed to cover the hill with visqueen before it became unstable. Sandbags were not an option due to the steep slope, so I started to use 2x4 and 1x4 lumber with stakes holding them to the visqueen, about the time I was halfway done I received your Symmloc fasteners and not only was production increased, money was saved in Time and Material cost, and the final product is much better. The area we covered without Symmloc will need maintenance while the area using Symmloc is holding up well and they are literally side by side. I along with my senior management are very impressed with the Symmloc Fasteners and will continue to use them in the future. Link to Letter


Tony Franco | Superintendent
Howard S. Wright

Dear Jeff:

1. This past fall we used your Symmloc fasteners on our Riverbank CNG Shop project and were very pleased with the result. To protect our building pad from the rain, we rolled out about 8,000 SF of visqueen and used about fifty (50) of your Symmloc fasteners to secure the visqueen. The Symmloc fasteners held the visqueen tight and secure through rain and 30 mph winds. We were extremely pleased with the performance of the Symmloc fastener and would recommend them to anyone for a similar application.

2. If anyone would like to discuss this with the project superintendent, Billy Harris, they may reach him at (209) 495-3652. Link to Letter


Charlie Menghetti,

President http://www.menghetti.com/

Mid-Cal Constructors is a multi specialized construction company that gets involved with just about every type of construction you can think of. With that, we have to adapt to a lot of unique and unexpected situations that require a wide variety of important tools that enable us to complete these projects.

Symmloc Fasteners have proven to be one of these tools they allow us to work with plastic to cover openings for dust, overspray or water, provide rain cover, cover stock piles and even provide shade areas during the relentless heated summer months. It takes the stress out of hauling sand bags and makes fastening plastic to just about anything effortless. Symmloc Fasteners have increased our profits with their ability to be re-used, saved us time and provided our employees with convenience and comfort. Symmloc Fasteners have proven to be as important to our company as a hammer is to a carpenter. It is a great product and should be tried by anyone who has ever dealt with plastic in anyway. Link to Letter

Scott Paris

Mid-Cal Constructors www.midcalconstructors.com

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