Temporary Salt and Material Covers for BMP and SWPPP Burrito Wrap

Salt / Cold Patch Temporary Covers YT

Update This shows the condition and cleanup of the cover and material at 14 months

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Condition of the Burrito Wrap Cover at 10 months with no Maintenance.

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Burrito Wrap Covers

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This method of cover is excellent for HAZ/MAT material containment. In this Video you will see how you can secure material in a way that provides total containment and if used on a hard surface will keep any runoff water from becoming contaminated, or the material that is being stored from drying out or getting saturated from moisture outside the cover.

Applications for Burrito Covers:

Hazardous Material Storage

Cold Patch Storage

Salt Storage

Spoils and Excavated Materials from Paved Surfaces.

To provided protection from material getting to wet or to dry, thus reducing the cost of processing material to obtain optimum moisture conditions.

To provide an easier way to contain materials, reducing or eliminating washing or brushing surfaces where the material was stored.

Drawing Detail

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Because the Symmloc fasteners are small, this makes them easy to transport, unlike bulky heavy sandbags.

Burrito Wrap installation on June 3, 2011, using 6 mil plastic visqueen.

Burrito Wrap condition on July 10, 2012 with on maintenance.

Clean up on July 26, 2012 was quick and left no mess and didn't require a pressure washer to clean the surface.

During this period the material was contained without any material entering the storm water runoff during the winter season. The videos below show installation, performance and cleanup with 100% containment.

Symmloc Burrito Wrap Covers provide the easy and extremely effective solution for material protection from outside elements, using a light weight, easy to transport, reusable fastener. This fastener will provide total containment of the stockpile materials, such as Contaminated Soil, Salt Storage, Cold Patch, Quick Lime, or any other material that you want to protect or contain.


Runoff Water will remain clean, because the material is completely encapsulated by attaching the bottom sheet to the top sheet. Even when runoff water flows into the pile it will be prevented from contacting the stored material, so your water will remain clean, this will greatly reduce or eliminate water trubidity contamination and treatment, compared current methods. (see video below)

Dust Control because these fasteners will keep the material covered, it will prevent dust from being generated from the covered material and will also maintain the moisture in the material for a longer period.

Staying Covered will be possible, in high wind areas because even when using 6 mil plastic as shown in this video, each fastener provides over 110 pounds of connective force, compared to 16 pounds provided by sandbags that weigh 35 pounds each. This means you will need fewer 7.5 ounce, 5 inch diameter Symmloc Fasteners, to effectively cover your pile that will be easy to carry with you and to have on hand.

Cleanup will be easier when you are finished because you contained your material better, so less brooming and washing will be required to get the surface clean.

Conclusion: Provides a cheap cover that effectively prevents the covered material from migrating into the surface water during storms. This is an excellent solution for storage on hard surfaces. (Note: This cover has been in place for 13 months with no maintenance. This video will be posted soon)