Temporary Stockpile Covers without sandbags or tires using Symmloc

Stockpile Wind Performance YT

This page contains information about how Symmloc Fasteners can be used to maintain large stockpile covers and covers for slope protection using case examples. These covers outperform current methods using sandbags, tires, or other similar methods.

Wind Performance Video New Raw Video 33 MPH with 44 MPH Gust using Level 3 Seam Construction

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New 300' x 180' X 35' high Stockpile Performance after 2 months, using 350 Symmloc Fasteners

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This cover originally had 600 sandbags that weighed 18,000 pounds and needed constant maintenance, to reduce maintenance 400 to 600 more bags would have been required along with the additional rope to hold them. Since the 350 Symmloc Fasteners have been installed (that weigh less than 200 pounds) maintenance has been reduced to a total of 4 hours over 2 months consisting of minor repairs and visual inspections.

A few facts!

  • Cost - Because you use fewer units(see this video to see how many fewer units are installed compared to sandbags), the weight required is drastically reduce thus reducing labor, transportation and storage requirements.
  • Performance - (1) Symmloc can hold 124 pounds using 10 mil plastic, compared to (1) 40 pound sandbags that can hold 16 pounds. Symmloc Fasteners can be used to construct wind resistant seams for long term high wind areas, with out the need for expensive weldable materials. This has several advantages;
  • Allows you to use cheap plastic film,
  • Can be put together in wet or cold conditions, because it's not welded the cover can be modified at any time to a larger or smaller size, different configuration, or location,
  • Will drastically reduce or eliminate you maintenance, compared to seam and cover failure using sandbags.
  • Symmloc Fasteners have been lab tested to hold loads of up to 990 lbs using other materials. Materials Testing Lab.
  • Access - Because your cover isn't held down by hundreds or thousands of heavy bags, you can get to your material quickly and easily.

Alias Falcon Wind Tunnel Simulation

Coming soon wind simulation for wind effects on stockpiles and slopes to help maximize performance in the field.