Symmloc Fastener is a strong reusable plastic visqueen fastener

Plastic Visqueen Fastener

Symmloc Fastener is reusable, can be installed in less than a minute and works with a wide range of materials. We have test results that show how strong the connection is, starting with 6 mil plastic visqueen, one Symmloc Fastener can hold 108 pounds and with geotextile it held loads up to 990 pounds, and this was accomplished using a fastener that was installed by hand with no special tools other than a pocket knife.

Test Results

Another benefit is the Symmloc Fastener can be installed in hot or cold, wet or dry conditions and it can be taken apart for modifications or storage unlike tape, glue or welding methods. It also provides a way of connecting it to other surfaces by means of staking, ropes or screws, making it extremely versatile for multipurpose applications unlike any other fastening system on the market.

Effective Covers that are economical that provide protection from the weather or the sun.

A few Symmloc Fasteners go along way when compared to Sandbags or Tires to hold plastic materials in place, this is because they do such a better job at holding them as can be seen in the comparison chart above, this means you will need 66% fewer units and 1% of the weight compared to sandbags. Other benefits are they are reusable for years, unlike sandbags, they are very easy to store and transport, they can be brought to the location on the jobsite much easier, especially in hard to get to locations and the performance is far better than sandbags reducing your maintenance cost and cost related to saturated materials. They are also great for building protective covers against Sun damage to stored materials.

Covers that can be built to any size with 66% fewer units and 1% of the weight and better perfomance.